Anonymous reenacts V For Vendetta at the Parliament in London while Alan Moore sings

Anonymous spielen grade die Schlußszene aus „V for Vendetta“ vor'm Parlament in London nach. Hier ein Livestream, ein paar mehr Bilder auf Bleeding Cool: V For Vendetta Marches On Parliament (LIVE – UPDATED).

Der Protestmarsch fällt zusammen mit dem Release von Alan Moores erster Single„ The Decline of English Murder“. Auf der Website von Occupy Records gibt's den Song als Download, hier das Video dazu:

 Youtube Direktmoore

The song, entitled ‘The Decline of English Murder’, tells the story of the ‘English murder’ imposed on the people by the greed of the banks and incompetence of the state (lyrics below), and is written and sung by Moore with music by Joe Brown. Available to download via the Occupation Records website (, with the chance of one lucky person to win an Alan Moore signed V for Vendetta mask, this is the first single to be released from Occupation Records’ upcoming second album.

A supporter of Occupy from the beginning, Alan Moore visited the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp by St Paul’s in London [2], where he said of the Occupy movement: “A tidal wave cannot be said to have succeeded or failed. All that it can be said to have done is changed things. Often monumental … I would say to critics – what are you doing about the current situation. If you are happy with it, what the hell is wrong with you?”