A Ton of Links: Dungeons and Dragons for Science, stranded Cargoships and chinese Hipsters

04.11.2012 Misc #Linkdump

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 Vimeo Direktcargo

Hier erstmal der fantastische Kurzfilm Celia & Sunrise von Antoni Sendra: „The story of two cargo ships stranded 100 feet from the beach.“ Nicht von der spanischen Sprache abschrecken lassen, toll erzählt, super geschnitten, leider bisschen unbefriedigendes Ende.

Nach dem Klick noch ein ganzer Haufen weiterer Links mit einem Back To The Future-Speedrun, einem Planecrash-Supercut, Chinas neue Hipster, einem BurningMan-DJ-Set von Adam Freeland, einer History of Eyecams (von Steve Mann, einem der Pioniere des Wearable Computing), Noam Chomsky über Artificial Intelligence, Dungeons&Dragons for Science, DNA-Customized Biowaffen aus der Zukunft und wie Tyrannosauren früher Triceraptoren gefressen haben.

Videos & Shortfilms

The Amazing Morphing Money Map on Vimeo: We've reshaped the United States based on political ad spending by SuperPACs and other outside groups. The result? One weirdly telling map.

"Fasten Your Seat Belts": Film's Scariest Flights on Vimeo

Speedrun: Back to the Future I in 60 seconds - YouTube

Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World's Hottest Pepper on Vimeo

The Effect of Color | Off Book | PBS - YouTube: Color is one of the fundamental elements of our existence, and defines our world in such deep ways that its effects are nearly imperceptible. It intersects the worlds of art, psychology, culture, and more, creating meaning and influencing behavior every step of the way. Most fascinating are the choices we make, both subconsciously and consciously, to use color to impact each other and reflect our internal states. Whether in the micro-sense with the choice of an article of clothing, or the macro-sense where cultures on the whole embrace color trends at the scale of decades, color is a signifier of our motives and deepest feelings.

Open Access Explained! - YouTube: What is open access? Nick Shockey and Jonathan Eisen take us through the world of open access publishing and explain just what it's all about.

 Vimeo Direktseed

SEED (2012) Short Film on Vimeo: Set in the year 2071, where technology has brought mankind to the brink of colonization on a planet named Gaia, one astronaut takes on an isolated mission and discovers unearthly horrors that could bring an end to human life on this planet.

United Visual Artists: Reinventing the Wheel - NOWNESS: A bicycle wheel is transformed into an homage to early op art in this mesmerizing collaboration between United Visual Artists and Stuttgart-based VANDEYK.

Art, Music & Culture

Rhizome | Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Kinect Genealogy - A Brief History of Gestural Interfaces

Escaping the Rat Race: A Profile of China's Emerging Counter-Culture | Tea Leaf Nation: It's happened all over the world, and it's happening in China too. As the country's middle class swells in number – and its people discover the pleasures and disappointments of a life spent pursuing material comfort – there comes the emergence of a distinct counter-culture. In Chinese, they are the wenyi qingnian (文艺青年), or wenqing for short, literally meaning "cultured youth." It's China's closest equivalent to the alternatively beloved and reviled English word "hipster."

The World of a Professional Naked Girl | VICE: I was 20. I'd been working as a naked model for two years. Back in the early aughts, there was a flourishing semi-legit business for girls like me, based off Craigslist and OneModelPlace. Girls too short, fat or plain to be legit models, unwilling to give the "fuck you" to convention it takes to be in legit porn, would pose for amateur photographers. We called them GWCs, or Guys with Cameras. They paid 100 bucks an hour.
We showed up in their hotel rooms. We posed on their beds. We told each other who was a good guy and who was a sociopath, knowing full well that if a GWC raped us, the police would do nil. A girl I knew was working as a bondage model. The photographer threatened to kill her. She wept. He let her go. When she went to the police, they shrugged her off. The photographer later murdered a model.

Geographic History Enjoys a Renaissance : The New Yorker: The first history we write is a history of races. Our tribe's myth is here, yours is over there, our race is called "the people" and blessed by the gods, and yours, well, not so blessed. Next comes the history of faces: history as the epic acts of bosses and chiefs, pharaohs and emirs, kings and Popes and sultans in conflict, where the past is essentially the chronicle of who wears the crown first and who wears it next. Then comes the history of places, where the ingathering of people and classes in a single city or state makes a historical whole bigger than any one face within it. Modern history is mostly place history, of an ambitious kind: what all the little faces were doing while the big faces were looking at each other.

Security Patterns - a set on Flickr: On-going project to collect and organize envelope security patterns from around the world.

▶ After Burning Man I took the train from Paris to Berlin and did this mixtape )'( by AdamFreeland:
(David Lynch -Spoken word sample)
Cologne Tape- Render 4
Scuba-Dsy Chn
Instra:mental- Sun Rec
Luke Abbott-Modern Driveway
Trevino- Indulge
Finnebassen- If you only knew
Tiger Skin- This Place is Empty Without You
Christian Martin -Wating
Chamboche- Smoke Screen- Bicep Remix
Maelstrom- Pool Chicks
Terranova Feat. Nicolette Krebitz & Udo Kier - Prayer (Gui Boratto Mix)
Machine Drum- No Respect
Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound - "Never Believed" (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
Pachanga Boys VS Evolution Control Committee Scumfrog & Robot Heart Mashup- Time on the Fucking Moon

Science & Technology

Eye Am a Camera: Surveillance and Sousveillance in the Glassage | TIME.com: Digital eye glasses like Google's Project Glass, and my earlier Digital Eye Glass, will transform society because they introduce a two-sided surveillance and sousveillance.
Not only will authorities and shops be watching us and recording our comings and goings (surveillance as we know it today), but we will also be watching and recording them (sousveillance) through small wearable computers like Digital Eye Glass. This affects secrecy, not just privacy. As one of the early inventors and developers of wearable computing and reality augmenting and mediating, I was asked by TIME Tech to write about the history and future predictions of these technologies.

Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong - Yarden Katz - The Atlantic: I have to say, myself, that I was very skeptical about the original work [in AI]. I thought it was first of all way too optimistic, it was assuming you could achieve things that required real understanding of systems that were barely understood, and you just can't get to that understanding by throwing a complicated machine at it.

BBC - Future - Health - The psychology of Tetris: How the secret to the popular game's success is that it takes advantage of the mind's basic pleasure in tidying up and uses it against us.

12-year-old uses Dungeons and Dragons to help scientist dad with his research | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine: Alan Kingstone, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, had a problem: all humans have their eyes in the middle of their faces, and there's nothing that Kingstone could do about it. His 12-year-old son, Julian Levy, had the solution: monsters.

Hacking the President's DNA - Andrew Hessel, Marc Goodman and Steven Kotler - The Atlantic: The U.S. government is surreptitiously collecting the DNA of world leaders, and is reportedly protecting that of Barack Obama. Decoded, these genetic blueprints could provide compromising information. In the not-too-distant future, they may provide something more as well – the basis for the creation of personalized bioweapons that could take down a president and leave no trace.

How to eat a Triceratops : Nature News & Comment: Denver Fowler at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana, and his colleagues studied numerous Triceratops specimens from Montana's Hell Creek Formation to identify how many had the characteristic tooth marks of Tyrannosaurus on them. They found 18, most of which were skulls. When they looked closer, they noted something important: none of the bones showed any signs of healing, indicating that the bites were inflicted on dead animals that were in the process of being eaten.

Anatomy of a Hoax - The Sony Nexus X: As far as I know, nothing of any notable significance occurred on Monday, October 15, 2012. The social web was still abuzz from the spectacular achievement in human ingenuity from the night before, brought to you by Red Bull and science. People continued to predictably politick and Rainn Wilson did an AMA. However, for an infinitesimal segment of the human population, October 15th was marked by a frenetic search for answers fueled by an anxiety that can only come from leaked photos of an up-and-coming piece of shiny new tech.

Money and Power

xkcd: Congress

Obama: The first meme president: Roosevelt had the radio. Kennedy had television. Barack Obama, as it turned out, had memes.

Love or nothing: The real Greek parallel with Weimar: "Greek democracy stands before what is perhaps its greatest challenge," Mr Samaras told the German newspaper Handelsblatt. He said social cohesion is "endangered by rising unemployment, just as it was toward the end of the Weimar Republic in Germany".
The comparison seems plausible: there are far right gangs meting out violence on the streets - a report last week identified more than half of all officially recorded racial attacks as perpetrated by people in paramilitary uniforms. Every demonstration ends with tear gas and baton charges.

Fear and loathing in Athens: the rise of Golden Dawn and the far right | World news | The Guardian: In austerity-ravaged Greece, neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn is on the rise. Their MPs give fascist salutes, while on the streets black-shirted vigilantes beat up immigrants. And some of their most enthusiastic supporters are in the police.

Buzzfeed's Sponsored Stories Stink in Infringement Smell Test | Threat Level | Wired.com: Tom Spina, a New York designer, said a picture of his $10,000 Star Wars desk with Han Solo encased in carbonite has been lifted from his website zillions of times. The picture appears in the same "Nerd Pad" paid post that Seubert's photo was in.
"We've wound up in a lot of these kinds of lists," he said. "We didn't give them any kind of approval of it, but I would have."
The attribution for Spina's desk on the Virgin Mobile sponsored post says nerdapproved.com, a blog with no affiliation with Spina.
Another picture in the same nerd post is one of a Millennium Falcon bed, which apparently originated on Kyla Kromer's Facebook page. She says pictures of her bed may be used by blogs and magazines. "All we ask for is to be credited, and given links or hard copies," the Facebook page says.