Shave the Corpse without a Razor: Halloween Leftovers

Nach dem Klick noch ein paar Linkreste, die von gestern liegen geblieben sind, unter anderem mit Patton Oswalds Doc Oc-Kostüm, einer ziemlich fiesen Hexenmaske für 'ne 11jährige, einem Fembot-Kostüm mit rauchenden Nippeln und Kürbis-Stopmotion -->


All you need is love:
 Vimeo Direktchucky

 Youtube Direktwitch

This is a Witch Prosthetic for my 11 year old daughter: „It was sculpted in Monster Clay and cast with Gelatin that I made based on a recipe from Matthew Mungle. This is a make up test application that I did. She's only in the prosthetic in this video, not her costume.“

YOU CAN’T RESIST US MR. POWERS: MY FEMBOT COSTUME: „This year [Johanna Jenkins] decided to put together a Fembot Halloween costume.“

History Blog: Harnessing the Power of the criminal Corpse: „Harnessing the Power of the Criminal Corpse brings together experts in archaeology, medical history, folklore, philosophy and literature from the University of Leicester, the University of Hertfordshire and the National University of Ireland to examine how the corpses of executed criminals were used as cautionary tales in the gibbet and as sources of scientific knowledge on the dissection table, the significance they were imbued with culturally and morally, and the lasting effect they had on the physical landscape and on our attitudes about the treatment of the dead body.“

Adam Savage Builds Patton Oswalt's Halloween Costume:
 Youtube Direktdococ

The Chirurgeons Apprentice: Real Life Zombies: A History of Cotard’s Delusion: „In 1880, a middle-aged woman paid a visit to the French neurologist, Jules Cotard, complaining of an unusual predicament. She believed she had ‘no brain, no nerves, no chest, no stomach, no intestines’. Mademoiselle X, as Cotard dubbed her in his notes, told the physician she was ‘nothing more than a decomposing body’. She believed neither God nor Satan existed, and that she had no soul. As she could not die a natural death, she had ‘no need to eat’. Mademoiselle X later died of starvation.“

Rot: Facepaint stop-motion.
Chemistry Show Ignites Halloween Spirit: No Halloween at Northwestern is complete without Eberhard Zwergel. For more than a decade, the Chemistry Department’s senior lecturer and demonstrator has dazzled audiences with his annual Halloween-themed science show.
Victorian Undead
Incredible Pumpkin Stop Motion