Jon Ronsons Lost at Sea: Interviews with the Crazy People

01.11.2012 Misc #Books

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Ich hab' mir grade Jon Stewarts Daily Show von gestern abend angesehen (hier online) und am Ende hat er ein kurzes Interview mit Jon Ronson, der sein neues Buch „Lost at Sea“ vorstellt. Ich kenne Ronson vor allem von seinen Büchern „The Psychopath Test“, seinem TED-Talk dazu, „The Men who stare at Goats“ und vor allem von seinem ersten Buch „Adventure with Extremists“. Sein neues Buch hab ich mir grade eben bestellen müssen, weil das hier mal wieder genau wie etwas klingt, das ich ganz ganz dringend jetzt sofort lesen muss:

Jon Ronson has been on patrol with America's real-life superheroes and to a UFO convention in the Nevada desert with Robbie Williams. He's interviewed a robot and asked her if she has a soul. He's travelled to the Alaskan theme town of North Pole (where every day is Christmas Day) to investigate a high school mass-murder plot. He's met a man who tried to split the atom in his kitchen and another who's preparing to welcome the aliens to earth. Jon Ronson is fascinated by madness, strange behaviour and the human mind, and he has spent his life exploring mysterious events and meeting extraordinary people. Collected here from various sources (including the Guardian and GQ) are the best of his adventures. Frequently hilarious, sometimes disturbing, always entertaining, these compelling stories of the chaos that lies on the fringe of our daily lives will have you wondering just what we're capable of.

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