Teenage Drama as Art: Music for sleeping Children

Neues Kunstprojekt von Charlie White, dessen Animation OMG BFF LOL vor vier Jahren rumging. White beschäftigt sich mit „Teenage Drama“ als Kunstform und bringt das mit seinem neuen Projekt Music for Sleeping Children ziemlich schön auf den Punkt. Teenage Angst als Canvas, Klischees als künstlerisches Mittel, Oberflächlichkeit als Ausdrucksform. Ich mag das aus irgendeinem Grund sehr, sehr nah an Warhol, aber auf 'ne ganz eigene Art. Toll!

Music for Sleeping Children is a teen pop album and public artwork.The album is a collaboration between artist Charlie White and Mercury Nominated electronica artist Boom Bip. Music for Sleeping Children transforms immersive interviews with teen girls into carefully designed narrative dance tracks. The result is five contemporary portraits of modern teenage girls, with each track capturing a different aspect of adolescent identity.

The project stems from White's investigations of the representation of American adolescence, and was born from a relationship forged between White and Hollon in 2009 when they collaborated on "We Like to Shop," a simple clap-along song from White's experimental cartoon, OMG BFF LOL that Hollon converted into a throbbing club track for the work's US premier at the Aldrich Museum. From there, White and Hollon set out to realize a far more ambitious project conceived by White as the marriage of in-depth teen interviews, discussions, and studio projects with pop, electronica, hip hop and experimental composition.

Working in tandem, White and Hollon fashioned the concept of each track around the original studio recordings of teen girls ranging in age from 12 to 16. From eager enthusiasms, to exuberant chants, to adolescent melancholia, Music for Sleeping Children underscores the complex tensions resonant in the teen voices while transforming each girl into a popular music form of her own. Magical, uncomfortable, and original, Music for Sleeping Children is an artwork, an archive, and an album.

Music for Sleeping Children (via Animal NY)