George Clintons cloned Hand of Funk is a USB-Stick

Mark Sokpolie hat vor einer Weile einen lebensechten Silikonabdruck von George Clintons rechter Hand machen können und bastelt daraus jetzt USB-„Sticks“: George Clintons Hand. Nice! Larise schreibt mir: „The hand has a built-in USB flash drive in the detachable index finger. The base of the hand has an embossed ‘George Clinton’ logo and a serial number. We started at nr. 2, because nr. 1 is George’s own right hand, which he’s not going to sell!“ Bestellen kann man das Teil hier, die Story zur Hand gibt's auf Sokpolies Website:

I had the opportunity to make a silicone cast of George Clinton’s hand during his last visit to Holland as part of his european tour. I just brushed the silicone on George’s hand while my buddy Ten (who is a regular member of George’s P-Funk Allstars) helped and also talked George through the process, in a hotel room. George sat for about 1,5 hours until the silicone hardened, his right hand doing the famous ‘funksign’ gesture. […]

In the following weeks I made a polyurethane copy and it was incredible… all the pores, ridges, wrinkles, torn nails and creases are there, on the hand that shaped P-funk all these years and iconized the P-Funk gesture. I am leaving bits of casting flesh and imperfections on every copy, which adds to the handmade quality and overall Funkiness. I think this is as close you can get to George-- if you’re not on the guestlist!

The Hand of George Clinton