Ai Wei Wei does Gangnam Style

Ai Wei Wei macht den Gangnam und zeigt dem chinesischen Regime damit sowas von subtil den Stinkefinger:

Chinese dissident activist and artist Ai Weiwei shows off his moves to the worldwide music phenomenon that is Gangnam style. The 55-year-old adds an element of his own when he appears handcuffed to a fellow dancer in one scene. Gangnam Style, by South Korean rapper Psy, has been viewed more than 530m times on YouTube since its release three months ago

Muss man vor dem Hintergrund des historischen Beefs, den China mit Südkorea hat (siehe hier) und der chinesischen Grass Mud Horse-Meme lesen. Nimmt ihm übrigens nicht jeder ab:

One might be tempted to argue that Ai Weiwei, meta genius that he is, is giving the middle finger to Chinese authorities who desperately want to push soft power. By not creating substance, even though he is in a prime position to do so, he is telling viewers that creativity cannot be forced, and certainly cannot be pushed by the government.

But it’s only on YouTube, broadcast to everyone except those in China. No, Ai Weiwei is not saying F-U to Chinese authorities, or censors, or anyone here. He’s merely refilling his cache of cool with the Western world, reminding his Western fans and Western journalists that he’s a good guy who “gets it.” He gets it because he knows how to dance on an invisible horse, and hey, that’s something you like, right?

Hier übrigens das Original auf Youtube, geogefickt von den Kulturterroristen der GEMA und von Youtube, was angesichts der Tatsache, dass Psy das Copyright auf „Gangnam Style“ selbst aufgehoben hat, umso idiotischer erscheint. Doch, doch. Kulturterroristen und -verhinderer, die Worte passen, definitiv.