The Weird Twitter Subculture

Es gibt scheinbar eine (amerikanische) Subkultur namens „Weird Twitter“ und hat dazu ne schöne Karte gemalt. Was soll ich jetz' dazu sagen? Da fehlt definitiv dieser eine Twitterer (gibts das Wort? Sagt man das? Twitterer?) aus Deutschland, der betrunken Unsinn twittert oder auch mal die komplette Geschichte von Ali Baba und den 40 Räubern erzählt.

Aber im Ernst: Ich bin ein Anhänger von „Social Media Activity“ als Kunstform und es gibt viel zu wenig davon, da draußen. So gesehen: Be more weird. Also: I'd like to introduce the Word „TWITTA“.

I’ve been aware of what I’ve referred to as “weird twitter” for some time, and have been curious what’s going on. I love it and love that it exists. But I didn’t know if it was real, or just something I was peripherally aware of because I followed a few people. It was much, much deeper than I had the patience to venture into at the time, but I had no sense of its scale.

Unfortunately, doing analysis on a gigantic unstructured digital social network turns out to be one of the big challenges of contemporary social science research. You either need to slurp a lot of data into something that crunches numbers, or you have to painstakingly research individuals in a tedious way that is not going to give you any general results on the scale necessary for this problem. So I tried a new method.

“Weird Twitter” art experiment method notes and observations (via Waxy)