Photos of Quantum Blackboards

Schicke Fotoserie von Alejandro Guijarro: Für sein Momentum-Projekt besucht er die weltweit führenden Institute für Quantenphysik und fotografiert Tafeln voller Formeln. Dr. Sheldon Cooper hat keine Ahnung von Kunst, aber das hier würd' er versteh'n.

The artist travelled to the great quantum mechanics institutions of the world and, using a large-format camera, photographed blackboards as he found them. Momentum displayed the photographs in life-size.

Before he walked into a lecture hall Guijarro had no idea what he might find. He began by recording a blackboard with the minimum of interference. No detail of the lecture hall was included, the blackboard frame was removed and we are left with a surface charged with abstract equations. Effectively these are documents.

Alejandro Guijarro - Momentum (2010-12)