Predditor-Wars Update

Hier ein paar Updates zur Reddit vs Gawker-Story. Kurzfassung: Reddit sieht in der Sache immer beschissener aus und die „Free Speech“- und „Anonymity“-Argumentation wirkt zunehmend albern und unzutreffend. Sehr schade, dass die an sich wunderbare Plattform derzeit vor allem wegen ihrer Trolle und Arschlöcher wahrgenommen wird. ViolentAcrez wurde übrigens mittlerweile von seinem Job gefeuert, seine Krankenversicherung aufgelöst und nun könnte man vorschnell urteilen, dass das Leben des Mannes für absehbare Zeit erstmal zerstört wurde, weil wegen des Gawker-Postings. Wrong: Der Mann ist fertig, weil er ein – vielleicht sogar das größte! – mutmaßlich kriminelles Internet-Arschloch ist oder war und sich dann dabei erwischen ließ. That's why.

Am treffendsten kommentiert den Unsinn wahrscheinlich Joel Johnson (Boing Boing, Gizmodo, Wired), der die Story mit der Pubertät vergleicht und der Internet-Gegenkultur verstärkten Ausfluss an Bullshit attestiert: Reddit’s *bildungsroman*.

Reddit won’t stop being Reddit by acknowledging that some content–like creepy, if technically legal photographs of minors, or the anonymity of the people taking or sharing those sorts of sleazy images–aren’t worth defending. It’s not a question of whether or not people should have a right to put those images online. It’s a question of whether or not Reddit wants to be the home for that sort of behavior.

Reddit mistakes itself as wholly representative of the internet. (A mistake compounded, for good and for ill, by its founders.) By any measure, it is not. Or is not fully. The internet is by and for everyone. The internet is even for people you may not agree with. And if the Reddit community–or its official, paid employees–decide that they want to take a stand for free (even if sleazy) expression as a reflection of the ideals they think represent the internet–and probably do!–they should also accept a more objective, nuanced, and inclusive view not just of the self-defined outcast community they have built together, but for the actual internet at large. Which means taking their lumps when another part of the internet–Gawker, in this case–criticizes them, discussing the matter among their own community, instead of sticking their fingers in their ears and attempting to draw yet another line between themselves and the people who write a site like Gawker, a site that is more akin to Reddit in taste and demeanor than most Redditors seem to be aware.

Guardian: Reddit wants free speech – as long as it agrees with the speaker: „Reddit's new stance appears to be that free speech is great – as long it's speech it agrees with. Which is a position the RIAA (which seeks to close sites linking to pirate content), or even China's Communist party could happily agree with.“

The Atlantic: The Only Thing Redditors Have to Fear Is Reddit Itself: „Reading the drama from the outside, you couldn't help imagine that you were peering into the Gchat of one of the nonvolunteer stars of Creepshots trying to figure out how to keep the information from spreading: "Deleting things that link to bad links is not sustainable," wrote one site admin. In other words: redditors got reddited and there is nothing Reddit can do about it. Redditors don't like that.“

The Verge: Reddit user banned, then restored, as mods struggle with stories critical of the site: „CivAndTrees said that the site is being 'infested' by overreaching moderators. 'It's really sad. But being banned from r/technology like that for a simple post really disturbs me. Reddit is getting bigger and bigger, and it seems some people are trying to control what is seen and not seen on this website'“

Boing Boing: Violentacrez exposé should be taken on its own merits: „Who can, hand on heart, prefer the "honest depravity" of a prolific victimizer of the weak over the "hypocritical" journalism that exposes him? It's an entirely too abstract--and too privileged--viewpoint.“

Techdirt: Reddit, Trolling, Doxxing, Free Speech & Anonymity: Whoo Boy, Is This Stuff Complicated: „A giant conversation has been started and (almost) none of it has involved getting the law involved to step in and decide who is bad and who is good. Instead, in occasionally messy ways, the community is working out its own norms, and that's fascinating to watch.“