Auto-Like Plugin: I Like What I See

Ein Chrome-Plugin, mit dem man automatisch alles Facebook-Liken kann, bis der Zuckerberg blockt. Sowas wie die Plugin-Kunst-Variante der „Like Me On Facebook“-SEO-Deppen. Toll!

I Like What I See is a Chrome extension to automatically click all "Like" links on Facebook. When you visit Facebook, click the thumbs up in the extension bar and start scrolling and liking. Liking and scrolling. Every instance of the word "Like" will be clicked. Don't worry, Facebook is a fun place full of all of the stuff you like.

If you scroll too fast Facebook might find it impossible that you like all of the things you do as fast as you do (seeing is believing/liking). You may find yourself being blocked from expressing your true feelings for your friends status updates.

I Like What I See