Wikileaks goes behind a Paywall

12.10.2012 Misc
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WikiLeaks haben ihre Leaks hinter eine Paywall verfrachtet. Die kommenden Tage könnten sehr, sehr unterhaltsam werden. Erst der alberne Unfug mit den Reddit-Creeps gegen Gawker oder andersrum und jetzt das. Jeez, Internet hat grade wieder seine beknackten fünf Minuten.

Secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has moved millions of documents behind a paywall, prompting blowback from elements of an underground ally, the hacking group Anonymous, including one well-known member to conclude that it “cannot support anymore what WikiLeaks has become.”

Upon clicking on any of the site’s documents, including “Cablegate: 250,000 US Embassy Diplomatic Cables,” which is said to have came from alleged WikiLeaks-leaker Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks visitors are taken to a page with a video that lambastes Barack Obama and ends with WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange asking for donations. To access documents, one can donate, share the video on Facebook or tweet it. The fullscreen overlay cannot be closed unless a donation is made or something is shared, though the video does not appear over every document dump.

Prominent Anonymous Twitter accounts were quick to register displeasure. @YourAnonNews called for the wall to come down and then followed up with a damning message: „This, dear friends will lose you all allies you still had. @wikileaks, please die in a fire, kthxbai.“

Wired: WikiLeaks Goes Behind Paywall, Anonymous Cries Foul, Ars Technica: Anonymous declares war on WikiLeaks in retaliation for "paywall"