Attack of the Mexican B-Movie Ads

Collectors Weekly haben ein Interview mit John Cozzoli, der Poster und Anzeigen zu alten B-Horrormovies sammelt und sich dabei auf mexikanische Memorabilia spezialisiert. Alleine beim ersten Posting auf Cozzolis Blog bin ich grade sehr feucht geworden: HighRes-Scans eines alten Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man-Pressbooks, und seine Website ist voll von dem Kram, da werde ich mich heute garantiert zweimal durchklicken.

Primarily devoted to Mexican lobby cards, or small placards displayed in theater entrances to advertise upcoming films, and American pressbooks, which provided promotional guides for theater owners, Cozzoli has curated an extensive array of cult-classics on his blog, Zombos’ Closet. Spanish-language lobby cards specifically piqued his interest because of their exaggerated details and wild graphics, unrestricted by more prudish American guidelines.

Cozzoli’s dream is to preserve these campy bits of horror film history, particularly items made during the golden era, which lasted from the 1940s through the ’60s. In the process, he’s created a virtual haunted house of zany, lurid, and sometimes downright disgusting marketing materials. Recently, we spoke to Cozzoli, who explained his passion for the weird world of horror-film memorabilia.

Sex! Gore! Scary Monsters! Attack of the Mexican B-Movie Ads