Astrology for financial Traders

Ihr erinnert Euch an Sid, the superstitious Trading Robot, einem Fonds, der mit einem abergläubigen Trading-Bot nach astrologischen Vorgaben an der Börse investiert? Ich hielt das damals für ein schickes, reines Kunstprojekt. Nun, falsch gedacht. Anscheinend gibt es tausende Trader an der Wallstreet, die (kostenpflichtige) Newsletter von Finanz-Astrologen abonnieren. What can possibly go wrong?

Starich chargest $237 annually for her newsletter, which 300 traders subscribe to for news of what will happen to the stock prices of companies, or even bigger, to the Federal Reserve. She sees dark times ahead in the Fed's horoscope. "They now have Saturn squared to Neptune, which is really bankruptcy," Starich explains.

Neptune represents money. But when Saturn shows up in a chart, it indicates restriction. So for the Fed, that means the "fiscal cliff is here, and there’s no place to go except to print more money or unravel these financial institutions," Starich says.

Of course, a lot of Wall Street traders, and others, don't want it to be known that they're relying on anything other than their own talent. Arch Crawford, a financial astrologer who actually got his start on Wall Street as a stock analyst at Merrill Lynch, recalls one subscriber asking for his newsletter in "brown paper wrappers."

Astrology guides some financial traders (via Boing Boing)