World of Warcraft-Death Hack, Azeroth recreated in Minecraft

 Youtube Direktwarcraft, via The Verge, Geekosystem

Gestern haben Hacker in World Of Warcraft auf einen Schlag ganze Städte vernichtet und tausende Charaktere getötet: „This afternoon, Paris time, something very strange happened on various realms. […] to cut a long story short, everyone in Stormwind and Orgrimmar was killed, NPCs included. It's also been happening on Tarren Mill, Ragnaros, Draenor, Twisting Nether, and no doubt other servers.“

Und das hier hat zwar nix damit zu tun, aber Reddit-User RamsesA hat Azeroth komplett in Minecraft nachgebaut:

Q. How large is the world?
A. The current version of the map spans approximately 275 square kilometers and contains over 68 billion blocks. The highest part of the world, the peak of Mt. Hyjal, stands more than a kilometer above sea level. Since the map exceeds the Minecraft height limit, the world had to be divided into seven altitude layers, each connected via a server-side plugin that teleports players as they approach the height limit. To be played locally, the map requires 24 gigabytes of hard-drive space.