Politician attacked for playing World of Warcraft

05.10.2012 Games Misc Politics
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Grade wenn man denkt, die amerikanische Konservative könnte sich gar nicht weiter entblöden, da attackieren sie eine demokratische Kandidatin für den Senat in Maine, weil sie… World of Warcraft zockt und dort eben tut, was man als Level 68 Orc Rogue eben so macht. Kommt bei uns auch noch, in ein paar Jahren, garantiert von den Pfeifen in der CSU.

"Colleen Lachowicz spends hundreds of hours playing in her online world Azeroth, as an Orc Assassination Rogue named Santiaga," reads a flyer sent to voters in the district. It's identified as funded by the Maine Republican Party. "I love poisoning and stabbing! It is fun," the flyer quotes Lachowicz as saying. The candidate is apparently a regular commenter at DailyKos, a liberal blog. And the Maine GOP has mined the site looking for what it regards as damning comments. Most of Lachowicz's remarks were posted in 2009 or 2010, most likely before she began her current campaign for office.

"I can kill stuff without going to jail," she wrote in December 2009. "There are some days when this is more necessary than others." The flyer points voters to a website, called "Colleen's World," that highlights more cases where she describes virtual violence she committed in the online world.

Candidate for Maine State Senate attacked over Warcraft character