NES-Game Personality-Test

Schicke Liste vom immer großartigen Timothy McSweeneys: WHAT YOUR FAVORITE CLASSIC NES VIDEO GAME SAYS ABOUT YOU. Laut der Liste sind meine Lieblingsfarben Pink und Schwarz, ich hab schonmal jemanden mit einem ferngesteuerten Auto verletzt und ich wurde beim Knutschen mit einem Star Wars-Kissen erwischt. Stimmt. Alles. Hier meine Favorites:

- Metal Gear: You have eaten astronaut ice cream as a meal.
- Tetris: You have used a protractor as a utensil.
- The Legend of Zelda: You have carried a piece of string cheese behind your ear for a whole day.
- Ikari Warriors: You have injured someone with a remote-control car.
- Ghosts ’n Goblins: You have been caught kissing a Star Wars pillow.
- Super Mario Bros.: You have hit a wiffle ball with a skateboard deck.
- Bionic Commando: You have looked up “sex” in the dictionary within the last two years.
- California Games: You have given a hamster a mohawk.