Pablo Escobar-Shirts are a thing in Mexico

El Patrón Pablo Escobars Sohn verkauft Luxus-Shirts mit dem Konterfei seines Vaters in Mexiko. Die Dinger verkaufen sich besonders gut in den Gegenden, in denen der War on Drugs besonders heftig geführt wird.

Nearly two decades after Colombian cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar died in a hail of bullets, his eldest son is conquering new markets in Mexico - with a fashion line in his father's image.

Sebastian Marroquin's designer T-shirts, plastered with photos of Escobar, are hot sellers in Mexican states that are on the front lines of the country's deadly drug war. The shirts are emblazoned with images of the Medellin cartel boss, who flooded the world with cocaine before he was shot dead in 1993. Featuring pictures from Escobar's student ID card, driver's license and other images, the shirts cost between $65 and $95 - a small fortune in a country where about half of the population lives in poverty.

Pablo Escobar T-shirts a hit in Mexico drug war states

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