Giant Robot Fists zum Aufblasen

Auf ThinkGeek für 35 Dollar: Riesenroboterfäuste zum Aufblasen und Rumkloppen. WANT!

A bustling metropolis in the heart of Japan is a place vulnerable to Mother Nature's cruel sense of humor. Having recently birthed humanity, she continues to play pranks on the creatures that scurry around her surface in their attempts to survive. Humanity has their own problems, what with Dr. Eve Ell, Ph.D. consistently terrorizing the city with her mutant monsters and flying robot pandas. It's all a bit sickening.

This city needs me, Giant-Mecha-Mega-Monster-Super-Funtime Dude, and I'm here to save them in any way I can. I'd be just another career man if it wasn't for my father's secret lab, which he gifted to me on his deathbed. Inside, I found the tool to save this city: the Giant-Mecha-Mega-Monster-Super-Funtime Robot Gloves.

Giant Robot Battle Fists (via Technabob)