Edgefonts: Adobes offers 500 free Webfonts

Adobe hat sich mit Google zusammengeschmissen und bietet seit heute über 500 freie Webfonts unter dem Label Edgefonts an, das ganze läuft unter Adobes Typekit-Service. Ein Preview und Infos gibt's hier und da das Posting auf dem Typekit-Blog.

Edge Web Fonts features hundreds of web fonts, including a sampling of fonts from the Adobe library as well as a large collection of open source fonts. Under the hood, the service is powered by Typekit: it uses the same standards-based method of serving fonts and makes use of the same global font serving network for speed and stability. But it’s completely free and requires no account or kit configuration — making it faster and easier to get started.

We’ve partnered with Google to make many of the open source fonts originally commissioned by the Google Web Fonts project available through Edge Web Fonts. At the same time, Adobe is contributing two open source fonts of its own — the recent Source Sans Pro and, announced today, Source Code Pro — to both the Adobe Edge Web Fonts and Google Web Fonts services.

In addition, Adobe will be applying its considerable font expertise to improving and optimizing a number of the open source fonts that are available in both Google Web Fonts and Edge Web Fonts.

Introducing Adobe Edge Web Fonts