Molly Crabapple illustrates her Time in OWS-Jail

Vor einer Woche wurde die gute Molly Crabapple beim einjährigen Jubiläum von Occupy Wallstreet verhaftet und im Polizei-Van twitterte sie „Can't wait to draw this“ (und: „While we were being put into van a suit grinned and told the cops 'nice work'“). Genau das hat sie jetzt getan und die Geschichte ihrer Verhaftung für CNN aufgeschrieben und illustriert:

Jail is waiting. Depressing waiting. Humiliating waiting. Pointless, tedious waiting in a crowded cage with dead roaches and no running water, where officers processing you through the system laugh at your discomfort and fear. […]

I was the last person released from my cell. The woman who left before me, a middle-aged lawyer who had been arrested multiple times that weekend, reassured me that I'd get out soon. When I did, friends were waiting with hugs, pizza and the National Lawyers Guild. Occupiers have a strong support system for those who are arrested, whether it's in the form of food, drinks or a pro bono lawyer. I felt incredibly lucky, essentially a tourist in that miserable place. In the pizza joint across the street, we bought beer for a woman who'd been held for 38 hours.

While I was alone before my release, pacing back and forth, it was almost impossible not to suspect that I was stupid, that my actions were futile. Which is the point of an arrest. Getting arrested for a social protest is like being put through aversion therapy, a punishment in and of itself. A relative of mine, an Occupy supporter, said that after my arrest, she'd never protest again. And that's the point.

Me? I'd be back.

My arrest at Occupy Wall Street By Molly Crabapple (via Molly)