Peeled Bananas packed in Plastic

Die geschälten Bananen in Plastik-Verpackungen gingen letzte Woche durchs (österreichische) Netz und haben bereits (zurecht) einen mittelkleinen Shitstorm ausgelöst, aber ich will das hier für mich festhalten.

A supermarket chain which advertises using a slogan that urges more common sense in shopping has been selling peeled bananas on plastic trays wrapped in foil. […]

One said that selling ready peeled bananas in a plastic package was the ultimate symbol of waste and the throw-away society. A spokesman for Greenpeace in Austria where the peeled bananas had been on sale said: "If there is an easy to open ready packed food it's the banana - peeling it only to pack it in environmentally unfriendly plastic is just madness."

Peeled bananas offered by common sense supermarket (via Arbroath)