Ghosts of Street View

Nettes Projekt namens Street Ghosts von Paolo Cirio, der lebensgroße Fotos von Leuten aus Google StreetView an den Orten anbringt, an denen sie von Google fotografiert wurden: „In the hippest areas for Street Art, life-sized pictures of people found on Google’s Street View are printed and posted without authorization at the same spot where they were taken.“ Auf GooglePlus findet man alle Bilder aus dem Projekt und wenn Google sein Streetview aktualisiert und die Streetview-Prints erneut fotografiert, explodiert das Internet.

This ready-made artwork simply takes the information amassed by Google as material to be used for art, despite its copyrighted status and private source. As the publicly accessible pictures are of individuals taken without their permission, I reversed the act: I took the pictures of individuals without Google’s permission and posted them on public walls. In doing so, I highlight the viability of this sort of medium as an artistic material ready to comment and shake our society.

The collections of data that Google and similar corporations have become the material of everyday life, yet their source is the personal information of private individuals. By remixing and reusing this material, I artistically explore the boundaries of ownership and exposure of this publicly displayed, privately-held information about our personal lives.

Street Ghosts (via Rebel Art)