Nuke Beer for Science!

Das Restricted Data-Blog postet jede Menge Details zu den Atombomben-Tests der Amerikaner in den 50er Jahren, jetzt haben sie Versuche ausgegraben die während der Operation Teapot stattfanden, das waren jene Atombomben-Versuche, während der sie leere Test-Käffer gebaut und mit Schaufensterpuppen vollgestellt haben. Kennt man aus der Eröffnungsszene von Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls.

Als Teil dieser Tests haben sie Atombomben auf Bier geschmissen, um die Versorgung der Überlebenden mit Wasser zu untersuchen, wenn die natürlichen Ressourcen verstrahlt sind. Nuke Beer for Science!

The Atomic Energy Commission did what they did best and dropped a nuke on bottles of beer and soda cans. (They were “exposed,” in the euphemism of the report. I also love the phrasing above, “the needs of humans for water” — it’s like the report was written by extraterrestrials.) […]

The results were somewhat interesting. Even the bottles pretty near the test had a fairly high survival rate — if they didn’t fall off the shelves, or have something else smash into them (a “missile” problem), or get totally crushed by whatever they were being housed in, they had a good chance of not breaking. Not super surprising, in a way: bottles are small, and there’s a lot of stuff in between them and the shockwave to dissipate it. […] As for radiation, only the bottles closest to Ground Zero had much radioactivity, and even that was “well within the permissible limits for emergency use,” which is to say, it won’t hurt you in the short term. The liquid itself was somewhat shielded by the bottles of the containers which picked up some of the radioactivity. But there were, of course, still pressing questions to be resolved… how did it taste?

Examination made immediately upon recovery showed no observable gross changes in the appearance of the beverages. Immediate taste tests indicated that the beverages, both beer and soft drinks, were still of commercial quality, although there was evidence of a slight flavor change in some of the products exposed at 1270 ft from GZ [Ground Zero]. Those farther away showed no change.

Beer and the Apocalypse (via MeFi)