Online-Editor für 3D-Printed Videogame-Characters

Mikolalysenko hat ein schönes Tutorial geschrieben, wie man Sprites aus Videogames in .STL-Files für 3D-Drucker umwandelt und dafür hat er gleich einen schicken Online-Editor gecoded. Der ist nicht so ganz trivial zu bedienen und Objekte werden erst dargestellt, wenn sie „logisch“ sind, aber man kann damit zB auch Icons oder Logos als STL-Files online zusammenklicken und direkt zu Shapeways schicken, wo man sich sofort sein 3D-gedrucktes Irgendwas für nen Zwanni bestellen kann. Ich werde mir da am Wochenende wohl mal ein Nerdcore-Icon zusammenklicken und ordern. Sweet!

The process of modeling a 3D object from a series of 2D images is a very well-studied computer vision problem called multiview stereo reconstruction. This process has been used to build 3D models of random objects with devices such as the Stanford spherical gantry. Unfortunately the math for this algorithm is a mess, but there is another way: using photo hulls to find the largest possible object from a series of images showing the top, bottom, left, right, front, and back views.

[mikolaly] put together an algorithm to produce 3D images from a series of images and even went so far as to build a web-based shape carving editor. With this web app, it’s possible to make 3D objects simply by inputting a bunch of colored pixels onto six 2D grids.

Once the models were complete, [mikolaly] sent some of the 3D models off to Shapeways for 3D printing. He’s completed Meat boy, Mario, and Link 3D sprites, all available for sale.

Turning 8-Bit Sprites into Printable 3D Models (via Hackaday)