Dude sells Fresh Air in Cans

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Ein Milliardär aus China verkauft frische Luft in Dosen. Ist 'ne Aktion, um auf Luftverschmutzung aufmerksam zu machen und hierzulande gibt's schon lange Berliner Luft in Dosen, aber trotzdem: Mmmmm… jetzt 'ne Dose Perri-Air.

China's most high-profile philanthropist, Chen Guangbiao, made another splash over the weekend by announcing he will set up mobile boutiques in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to sell canned fresh air starting September 17. Chen said he specially chose to sell the air before the World Car-Free Day, which is September 22, to heighten public awareness on environmental protection and the importance of clean air.

The first batch of 100,000 cans of "Chen Guangbiao Good Man" air will be sold at 4 yuan (63 US cents) to 5 yuan each, according to China National Radio. He said he would donate 0.10 yuan to charity for every can sold.

Do-gooder blasted for selling canned air, Bilder: BILLIONAIRE TO PROFIT FROM FRESH AIR (via Nerdalicious)

Hell is impatient, Goldenboy.

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😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶 😶…


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