Typographic Birdhouse-Alphabet

Nishant Jethi hat einen ganzen Zeichensatz inklusive Ziffern aus Nistkästen gebaut, die man sich als Namensschild oder Nummer ans Haus hängen kann. Super!

Study proves that there is a sharp decline in the number of house sparrows. The driving force is the lack of nesting and breeding spaces. With high-rises and malls coming up everywhere, the birds have been displaced. So, an idea called 'Living Typography' was developed. Hollow wooden 3D alphabets that could also act as a bird's nest were created. Appropriate alphabets were sent to a friends and family. They could keep it outside their house as their nameplate or house number. This nameplate/House number also acted as nests for birds amidst concrete jungle of the city.

Living with Typeface und Living Typography (via Quipsologies)