Russian Subway Dogs: The Game

Es gibt ein Game über die superschlauen russischen Hunde, die dort mit der U-Bahn nach Moskau Downtown fahren, weil's dort das beste Futter gibt. Und abends nach Feierabend fahren sie selbstverständlich wieder nach Hause. Echt:

Moscow ecologists think that dogs started acquiring this habits in 1990s, when the Soviet union collapsed and Moscow has fell into the hands of new class of Russian capitalists. They understood the true value of the downtown realty underestimated by previous Communist owners and became removing all the industrial complexes Moscow had in its centre to its outskirts. Those places were used by homeless dogs as a shelter often, so the dogs had to move together with their houses, so they had to learn how to travel Moscow subway – first to get to the centre in the morning then back home in the evening, just as us people.

Und jetzt hat jemand ein Game dazu gecoded, ein Russian Subway Dog-Simulator:

Experience the life of a stray Russian subway dog scavenging for food in this realistic simulator. Doggies! Ruskies! Proprietary vodka physics system!

Move and jump with the arrow keys.
CTRL to bark (costs Stamina).
Bark behind people to surprise them.
Scavange for food to stay alive.

In Soviet Russia there is no 10 second rule. Grab food before it hits the ground for more stamina.

Russian Subway Dog (via Killscreen)