Google does the Bacon Number

Google hat die Bacon-Nummer in seine Suchergebnisse eingebaut und zeigt sie (in der englischen Version) bei der Suche nach „Bacon Number [Schauspieler]“ entsprechend an. Die Bacon Nummer basiert auf dem Kleine-Welt-Phänomen von Stanley Milgram, das besagt, dass man jeden Menschen auf der Welt über sechs Ecken kennt. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon wendet das auf Schauspieler und Bacon an. Wie auch immer: Awesome!

To use Google's system, the user simply types in the words "Bacon number" followed by the name of the actor. By way of example, typing "Bacon number Simon Pegg" reveals that Bacon and the British actor are linked by Tom Cruise, because the latter appeared in 1992's A Few Good Men with Bacon and in 2006's Mission: Impossible III with Pegg. Pegg therefore has a Bacon number of two, indicating two degrees of separation.

Lead engineer Yossi Matias said the project was about showcasing the power of Google's search engine by flagging up the deep-rooted connections between people in the film industry. "If you think about search in the traditional sense, for years it has been to try and match, find pages and sources where you would find the text," he told the Hollywood Reporter. "It's interesting that this small-world phenomena when applied to the world of actors actually shows that in most cases, most actors aren't that far apart from each other. And most of them have a relatively small Bacon number."

Google builds Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon into its search system (via MeFi)