Magic The Gathering Turing Machine

Ich hab' keine Ahnung von Magic The Gathering, aber Alex Churchill behauptet, mit dem Sammelkartensystem eine Turing Maschine gebaut zu haben. Ich hätte ja eine Turing Maschine aus Star Wars-Actionfiguren gebaut, aber Lucas Arts ist dafür anscheinend echt nicht deep genug.

There's an idea called "Turing completeness", which is used to indicate that a system has a particular degree of complexity. Any Turing-complete system is theoretically able to emulate any other. One way to show that a system is Turing complete is to make a "Turing machine" in it. […] This isn't the most common way of demonstrating Turing completeness, but it is one of the more understandable. In the discussion on this site I assemble a Universal Turing Machine from Magic: the Gathering cards. […]

The idea of my Magic Turing machine is that the players do nothing at all, except when the game offers them a choice. Once the in-game "machine" has started, processing continues without requiring any choices from the players, with one category of exceptions: Some of the cards in the machine say "You may [do X]. If you do, [Y happens]." In these cases, the machine arranges that the players will be able to do X, in precisely one way. It just requires the players to always choose to take the game up on any options they're offered.

Magic: the Gathering is Turing Complete (via MeFi)

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