Twin Peaks Intro deconstructed

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Art of the Title dekonstruiert das Intro zu Lynchs Twin Peaks und findet da Parallelen zu unter anderem „Blue Velvet“, heidnischen Naturreligionen und Mythen, die mir so noch nicht bewusst waren.

Keen fans of David Lynch will note the strong graphic match between the robin in Blue Velvet and the wren in Twin Peaks. It’s made all the more complementary since both film and TV series deal with the surreal in American suburbia. Yet looking at the birds’ meanings in animal mythology and symbolism is even more intriguing: both species share a distinct relationship in the folklore of Anglo-Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Druidic, and Wiccan cultures. There are countless poems and distichs dedicated to the two birds, including the well-known verse, “a robin and a wren are God Almighty’s cock and hen.” A story shared between the cultures:

The Wren (the Oak King) is the king of the Waning Year. He rules on from Winter’s solstice (or Yule) to midsummer, killing off the Robin (the Holly King) and king of the Waxing year in the process. On Summer’s solstice, the Robin kills off the Wren and begins its rule. The cycle repeats itself with each season.

In Blue Velvet, the robin is introduced towards the end of the film, in the warmth of summer. In Twin Peaks, the wren is the first image in the title sequence and a few images later, we see that the sequence is set in winter as there is snow on the cliffs of the Snoqualmie Falls.

Und wo wir grade bei Art of the Title sind: Die hatten neulich ein Interview mit David Fincher zu seinen Intros.

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