Kong Suni Fart Master Baby Doll 뿡뿡!

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You know you want it: The Kong Suni Fart Master Baby Doll! „Push Kong Suni’s tummy and she goes 뿡~뿡!“

One thing that I always find amusing is Korea’s attitudes towards poop, it is considered cute and silly it its own good-nature way here~ We have piles of stickers, toys, heck even a play called “Doggie poo” dedicated to the stuff, kids love it of course. Poop is cute in Korea..at least to Koreans anyway! […] 맘마먹고 방귀뀌고 응가 싸고 On the box = Eat NomNoms, Make Fartsies and Make poopies. YUP.

We have potty training toys back home, but in Asia it is really taken to a different level and tone that foreigners just are not used to~ a good example of such a toy today is the farting doll 콩순이 Kong Suni who is a popular girls baby doll and play set character right now. She eats, farts, and in one set even comes with a little potty that has a flush-able smiling poop!

Kong Suni Fart Master Baby Doll 뿡뿡! (via Regretsy)