Legal-Paper Comicstrip

06.09.2012 Misc #Comics #Legal

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Bob Kohn ist Sachverständiger in einer Klage gegen Apple wegen eBook-Preisbindung (soweit ich das verstanden habe) und als er sein Statement von 55 auf 5 Seiten kürzen sollte, hat er das Ding als Comic-Strip abgegeben.

He sought permission to file a 55-page amicus brief in the case, and the judge said he could file but had to cut it down to five pages. How do you squeeze 55 pages into five? Comic strip.

Kohn got one of his daughter's friends to illustrate the amicus strip based on a script he wrote. The resulting brief complies with the rules, pretty much, because it has the standard caption and a table of authorities and the right-size margins, etc. I guess you could argue the font is not strictly according to the rules, but who cares? Would you rather have 55 pages in exactly the right font or five pages of this? Obviously.

Five-page version of Proposed Brief Amicus Curiae at Docket No. 97 (PDF), ein paar Infos dazu auf Lowering The Bar: All Briefs Should Now Be in Comic-Book Form