A Ton of Links: Cats of Mars, Syd Meads Playboy Land Yacht and the Online Cat-Industrial Complex

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Hier erstmal Empire State of Pen on Vimeo, ein schönes Timelapse-Video einer Illu von Patrick Vale, ein ganzer Haufen weiterer Links nach dem Klick.


HIT BIT (syd mead) - YouTube
Old School vs. New School - YouTube
The Floonstoons - YouTube
Alltag von DAIM // Künstler on Vimeo
CATSUKA PLAYER Kung Fu Cooking Girls HD - YouTube

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Eclectic Method - Almodóvar Mixtape - YouTube

Cool Hunting Video Presents: Genspace: Brooklyn's community biotech lab, a place for experimentation and learning.

Oil Wars on Vimeo: In recent months we've seen a spate of assertions that peak oil is a worry of the past thanks to so-called "new technologies" that can tap massive amounts of previously inaccessible stores of "unconventional" oil. "Don't worry, drive on," we're told.
We can fall for the oil industry hype and keep ourselves chained to a resource that's depleting and comes with ever increasing economic and environmental costs, or we can recognize that the days of cheap and abundant oil (not to mention coal and natural gas) are over.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media and politicians on both sides of the aisle are parroting the hype, claiming – in Obama's case – that unconventional oil can play a key role in an "all of the above" energy strategy and – in Romney's – that increased production of tight oil and tar sands can make North America energy independent by the end of his second term.

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The Cats of Mars Meet the Toy Car (complete short) on Vimeo

Pandemic on Vimeo: This is short Half-Life 2 fan film about some kind of DNA mutation and epidemy in c17.

The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics | Off Book | PBS - YouTube: Animation has been captivating audiences for more than a hundred years. From classic forms like hand drawn and stop-motion, to cutting-edge techniques like motion graphics and CGI, animation has a long history of creating style and poetry unachievable through live action filmmaking. It is a tool for educating, a place for experimentation and play, and a way of telling personal stories that reach the viewer with powerful visual metaphors.

Several Demons and their Sigils of Summoning

Map of the 'Verse (HTML5 Canvas demo): This animation shows the fictional universe from the TV series Firefly.

Syd Meads Playboy Land Yacht

The Spirit Coloring Book: Published by Will Eisner Studio ~ 1974

Burning Man 2012 - In Focus - The Atlantic: Out on the playa of Nevada's Black Rock Desert, more than 50,000 participants gathered last week to form Black Rock City, a temporary city that became the home of the 26th annual Burning Man Festival. Every year, participants from around the world descend on the playa -- performers, artists, free spirits, and more -- to form a self-reliant community, to dance, to express themselves and take in the spectacle of the festival. Reuters photographer Jim Urquhart spent the week on the playa, and returned with these photographs, taking us along on a virtual visit to Burning Man 2012.

DJ Food | Record bag designs from around the world

The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills | Culture News | Rolling Stone: Heiress, actress, singer, model - Lisette Lee wanted everyone to think she had it all, but beneath the bling were secrets, lies and private jets filled with weed.

Sascha Lobo: Das Internet ist nicht schuld! - SPIEGEL ONLINE: Die derzeitigen Gefechte um das Netz - von Internetsucht bis Leistungsschutzrecht - werden getrieben von Vermutungen und Behauptungen. Sie werden geprägt von Leuten, die sich schlicht weigern, die Funktion und die Bedeutung des Internet für eine digital geprägte Generation zu erfassen. Dabei geht es trotz des Begriffs "Generation" nicht nur um das Alter, denn das Internet ist eine Haltungsfrage und keine Altersfrage.

Neal Adams: Man of Steel was reborn in "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali" | Hero Complex – movies, comics, fanboy fare – latimes.com: Neal Adams" oversized 1978 comic book "Superman vs. Muhammad Ali" pitted the Man of Steel against the world"s greatest fighter. To the shock of young DC fans, the brawl left the Last Son of Krypton bruised and bloody.
Adams talks about his knockout comic in the newest episode of "Hero Complex: The Show" in the second segment of a two-part interview conducted on the floor of Comic-Con International in San Diego this summer.

BibliOdyssey: BRAINS: Neuroanatomical atlas illustration plates from the 1786 'Traité d'Anatomie et de Physiologie' by Félix Vicq D'Azyr

HexGL, the HTML5 futuristic racing game.: HexGL is a futuristic, fast-paced racing game built by Thibaut Despoulain using HTML5, Javascript and WebGL and a tribute to the original Wipeout and F-Zero series.

What Is Value? What Is Money? | Conversation | Edge: What is value about? and how do we measure value? Traditionally, the way of measuring value has been not been through measures of value, but actually through measures of appropriation: measures of the amount of money that you can appropriate through that business, not the value that it generates in society. We're starting to see this difference.

In Search of the Living, Purring, Singing Heart of the Online Cat-Industrial Complex | Underwire | Wired.com: The obvious place to begin an inquiry into the Internet cat is with Maru, the most famous feline on the Internet. Maru"s shtick, in brief: Maru gets into a box ("大きな箱とねこ," 8.1 million views). Maru gets into a box ("箱とねこ8. A box and Maru 8," 3.1 million views). Maru gets into some boxes ("いろいろな小さ過ぎる箱とねこ. Many too small boxes and Maru," 7.9 million views). Maru tries to get into a box ("入れない箱とねこ. The box which Maru can"t enter," 2.2 million views).
Maru, which means "circle" or "perfection" in Japanese, is a Scottish fold with nonfolded ears. He is 5 years old and lives in an undisclosed Japanese city that is, by consensual rumor, almost certainly not Tokyo, because no indoor cat in Tokyo has that much space to jump into boxes, especially not the bigger ones. Maru has upwards of 168 million YouTube views and, according to other rumors, has generated enough ad revenue to buy his owner a new apartment. His is the seventh-most-subscribed YouTube channel in Japan.

MUST LISTEN: Audio of the 1954 Senate Comic Book hearings | The Beat: While the finding of the check for $130 which National presented to Siegel and Shuster might have been a high point of this year"s comic history, here"s a strong contender for another: the actual audio of the Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings on comic books.

A Common Nomenclature for Lego Families - The Morning News: Thousands of different Lego exist, yet when your seven-year-old asks for "a clippy bit," you know exactly what to hand him.

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