HTML5 Retro Crackercrew-Intros

We Are Back ist das Showcase für das Codef-Javascript-Framework, mit dem man die Intros der Crackercrews aus den 80ern und 90ern in HTML5 nachbauen kann. Vor allem Amiga-Intros dort bis jetzt am Start, soweit ich das sehen kann und von denen finde ich das hier particular awesome. Mal sehen, ob ich damit was basteln kann, nicht wundern, wenn demnächst auf NC irgendwas rumdotzt. Von Creative JavaScript:

Out of the box [Codef] has functions for such classics as vector balls, sine-waves, bitmap font scrollers, glenz vectors (faked of course), rasters, starfields and plenty more. There is also a basic sequencing system allowing you to chain effects together, or feed one into another. An examples folder provides plenty of source for you to get up to speed with and while the whole library certainly takes a very ‘hacked together’ approach, often flying in the face of any kind of web standard or best practise, it’s all just for fun anyway. Plus there’s something very rewarding about throwing a few lines of code together and seeing a large parallax scroll plane with some stars flying past.

The site We Are Back is then used to showcase the demos that get created with codef. They range from complete re-creations of classic intros and cracktros, such as those from the likes of Paradox and Crystal, to new demos inspired by the oldskool vibe. There are loads to watch and depending on your age they’ll either bring back waves of 16-bit nostalgia or be little more than audio-visual curios.

Cracked on 03/27/93 by Paradox