Frank Zappas Simpsons-Theme

 Youtube Direktzappa

Hier das unbenutzte Zappa-Radiojingle für 'nen Elektrorasierer, das auf dem Tape war, das Matt Groening damals Danny Elfman gab, als der das Simpsons-Theme schreiben sollte. Von Dangerous Minds:

When Matt Groening hired Danny Elfman to write the theme for The Simpsons, he gave him a mixed tape of songs that he wanted the music to sound like: The theme from The Jetsons, some of Esquivel’s “space age bachelor-pad music,” a teach-your-parrot-to-talk record, selections from Nino Rota’s Juliet of the Spirits soundtrack and this unused Frank Zappa-produced radio commercial for Remington electric shavers that features the vocal stylings of none other than a young Linda Ronstadt. […]

According to legend, after giving the tape several listens Elfman told Groening, “I know exactly what you’re looking for!”