Chinese Spacebar-Thief

Ein junger Mann hat in den letzten sieben Jahren haufenweise Space-Tasten aus einem Internet-Café mitgehen lassen. Da er jetzt mit einer ausgeglichenen Karma-Bilanz heiraten will, hat er sie alle wieder zurückgebracht. Dann wird ja alles gut. Von Kotaku:

Chinese Spacebar ThiefOver the last few a days a story about a Chinese man returning stolen spacebar keys to an internet cafe has captured the attention China's online gaming message boards. The story is exactly what it sounds like: a Chinese man stole spacebar keys from his local internet cafe seven years ago and out of the blue he decided to return them to the internet cafe.

So why did the guysteal the keys in the first place? According to The People's Daily, the Chinese government mouth piece, the guy stole the keys because he was upset with the noise that they created when people were playing the online rhythm game Audition Dance Battle Online.

Pissed at the noise that was created by players bashing on their keyboards, the guy decided to do something about it: he removed the spacebar keys off the keyboards of every computer in the net cafe.

Guy Returns Stolen Spacebars to Internet Cafe, 玩家主动归还网吧数十个空格键