The Gear of Chiptunes-Artists

Creators Project hat eine schöne dreiteilige Serie über die gehackte Ausrüstung des Chiptunes-Kollektivs Datathrash Recordings aus Kentucky. Haufenweise Retrotech-Porn!

Oben das Setup von Comptroller:

Comptroller is a producer based in Edinburgh, Scotland who has been making music using machines since 2006, and he “will not stop, so please don’t ask.” Using a combination of Game Boys, a classic Commodore computer, a black and white television, and a cluster of MIDI setup components, he creates music that is simultaneously melodic and abrasive, sort of like taking The Nutcracker and throwing it into the garbage disposal. Or filling a paper bag with Temptations songs and smashing it open with a spiked bat. Hmm, none of these descriptions are really doing him justice. […]

The Gear
- Nintendo Game Boys: Each running native tracking software Little Sound DJ, as programmed by Johan Kotlinski. Original ‘DMG’ models, backlit so you can see what you’re doing in the dark.
- Commodore 64C: The C64C model comes with the more reliable/clear 8580 model SID chip, hence selection over original ‘breadbin’ C64 with 6581 SID. Both are good, it’s just a matter of preference.
- MSSIAH: A suite of sound software on cartridge for the C64 that allows you to control the SID chip via MIDI (among other things).
- GP2X CAANOO: I’m running LGPT aka “Piggy tracker,” a sample-based tracker that can also send MIDI signals, which I use to control the C64.
- Piggy=>MIDI Interface: Special MIDI-out converter box, as designed by firestarter & low-gain.
- Micromys PS/2 Adaptor: Lets you use a standard PS/2 mouse with a Commodore 64. Very handy since original C64 mice are hard to come by these days.
- B&W Portable TV: Connected to the C64. I need to see what I’m doing in MSSIAH.
- Mixer: Just an ordinary mixer.

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