Mac G3/G4-Coffee-Table

Reform Designs verkaufen Tische aus alten G3s und G4s. Ich hätte ja gerne einen flacheren Wohnzimmertisch aus vier alten, bunten iMacs, die noch funktionieren und auf allen vier laufen Games von Ende der 90er. Wie auch immer:

This table is custom-made and individually hand-crafted from retired Macintosh G3s and up to 70% reclaimed materials. Because the reclaimed materials can vary in shape and size, the different combinations make every table we create truly one-of-a-kind! The piece is tension set, and eliminates the need for excess screws, nails, or glues. Whether you’re a modernist, a minimalist, or just a computer geek, this stunning coffee table is sure to turn heads at home or at the office.

Crunching Numbers G3, Crunching Numbers G4 (via Nerd Approved)