Inside Adam Savages Toolbox

Mythbuster Adam Savage erklärt seinen Werkzeugkasten, 'ne Liste seiner Tools gibt's hier.

The setup you see here started out as two old doctor’s bags. I like the image of the traveling doctor, and I love antiques. But 50-year-old leather was no match for 50 pounds of tools. The bags failed soon after I started working at ILM. I wanted to make an impression at my new job, so I spent an entire weekend remaking the bags out of aluminum. My supervisor suggested scissor lifts to keep them even with me when I was seated. He might have been joking, but I added them.

Es gibt übrigens 'ne ganze Videoreihe von namens „Inside Adam Savages Man Cave“, in der er jede Menge seiner Tools und Projekte erklärt.