P. Craig Russells Guide to Graphic Storytelling

 Vimeo Direktcomics,via Forbidden Planet

P. Craig Russell, tausendmal preisgekrönter Comic-Autor und -Zeichner (u.a. Coraline, Sandman, Dr. Strange, Conan, Hellboy, Fables) hat vier superinteressante Ausschnitte aus seiner per Kickstarter finanzierten DVD „P. Craig Russells Guide to Graphic Storytelling“ online gestellt. Im Video oben erklärt er anhand der ersten Seite seiner Adaption von Oscar Wildes Salomé-Umsetzung wie man eine Story geschickt eröffnet, es gibt noch zwei weitere Clips mit Seiten aus Clive Barkers Human Remains und Debussys Pelléas and Mélisande.

Ein zweiter Teil des Guides to Graphic Storytelling ist bereits über Kickstarter (über)finanziert, weitere dürften Folgen. Tolles Projekt!

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a degree in painting, P. Craig Russell has run the gamut in comics. After establishing a name for himself at Marvel on KILLRAVEN and DR. STRANGE, he went on to become one of the pioneers in opening new vistas for this underestimated field with, among other works, adaptations of operas by Mozart (THE MAGIC FLUTE), Strauss (SALOME) and Wagner (THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG).

P. CRAIG RUSSELL'S GUIDE TO GRAPHIC STORYTELLING features the acclaimed creator teaching the art of graphic storytelling, also known as “Comics.” Lessons include how to properly introduce your story, how to establish and visualize the emotional dynamics of your characters, the introduction of characters, the introduction and use of props, effective page composition, the use of parallel narrative and more.