The Last Ninja

The Last NinjaJinichi Kawakami ist der 21. Chefboss des Ban-Ninja Clans und wird keine weiteren Auszubildenden annehmen, weshalb nach ihm zumindest seine Linie der Ninja, die bis ins 16. Jahrhundert zurückreicht, aufhören wird zu existieren. The last Ninja.

As the 21st head of the Ban clan, a line of ninja that can trace its history back some 500 years, Kawakami is considered by some to be the last living guardian of the nation's feudal spies. "I think I'm called (the last ninja) as there is probably no other person who learned all the skills that were directly" handed down from ninja masters over the last five centuries, he said.

"Ninja proper no longer exist," he said as he demonstrated the tools and techniques used in espionage and sabotage by men fighting for their samurai lords in the feudal days of yesteryear. Nowadays they are confined to fiction or used to promote Iga, a mountain-shrouded city near the ancient capital of Kyoto that was once home to many ninja.

Engineer, 63, hailed as 'last ninja' – Ban clan's 21st master says ninjutsu line ends with him as feudal spies' art now an anachronism