Limited Resources Simulated in Closed Minecraft Map (UPDATE)

Tolles Öko-Experiment in Minecraft: WordworksExperiment hat eine abgeschlossene Map mit limitierten Ressourcen erstellt und die Leute auf einem Server darauf losgelassen. Die Folgen: Bäume und Gras waren bald Mangelware, es bildeten sich Clans und eine archaische Tausch-Ökonomie, dazu Raub, Mord und Totschlag um die verbleibenden Rohstoffe. Am erfolgreichsten setzten sich in diesem Szenario die skrupellosesten durch oder wie ein Redditor kommentiert: „the biggest dicks reap the rewards“. Durch den Text muss man sich wegen suboptimaler Formatierung etwas durchquälen, aber sehr spannend, das ganze.

In a very coordinated experiment 30 players spent 2-5 hours playing in a 350x350 world trapped in bedrock. To keep everything fair the server was only running when everyone was available to play. These screenshots come from 2 months after the experiment started. […] The players were unaware of what I was testing; they went into the server with the following rule: “Never leave the bedrock walls”. Some players realized the challenge at hand immediately, but most were unaware of how devastating the consequences of their actions would be.

3 weeks into the expirment flowers were gone forever, sand was deplete making glass rare and hard to replace, and obsidian was un-minable for most players due to a lack of diamond. The players resorted to war to find diamonds. The four clans raided each other bases and griefed each other. This war went on for a few days and The Axe had lost their castle completely. The Brotherhood had to rebuild a very broken town. The Dwarves took minimal damage due to their underground sub-systems and the difficult nature to destroy caves. The Merchant’s Guild took no damage because they won over their fights with complex trade agreements and treaties. At this point The Axe had disbanded. Their members took to their own trying to make it on their own. This left a lot of griefing for trees and trade with the Merchant’s Guild abundant.

Only two people were clearly ahead at this point, (aside from the merchant’s guild doing well too). They earned the name (pardon the language), the dick-ass griefers. These two players had immediately realized what would happen to the map on day one and began to construct an easily defendable a base that was self-sufficient and renewable. They built there base on a giant dirt platform in the sky. They made it come off of a mountain so the grass would grow onto it. When the grass had grown onto their base (A few days in), they had already acquired the needed materials for sticky pistons and buckets. They created a water elevator that could be toggled with the pistons and began destroying the mountain. They dug all the earth out from around them and made their base impossible to reach without the use of the water elevator or towering up. From the first week in they began systematically depleting resources in a way that would set the other players behind. Glass windows were broken, trees and saplings were stolen, massive amounts of dirt were farmed (the importance of this will be revealed later) and they used their power to persuade the other players.


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[update] Anscheinend leider ein Fake (Danke Dirk!):

its a (rehash of) an old 4chan story! it didnt really happen. here are a few things that seem to me that it's just a big fake.

these "dick ass griefers" base isnt secure at all. very very very easily looted/destroyed, just make a tower of cobble (which everyone had fucktons off)
see that "pitmine"? its a frigging PERFECT square hole. no staircase visible, no cobblestone where they blocked off caves they came across, if it was a real pit mine it would have roads of access and have mistakes.

look at the screenies, those of you who use mcedit will see right away how this world was made. mcedit.

the "merchant's guild with its iron doors open" is a tiny ass house. wouldn't even have enough room to store all the cobblestone they dug up.
"(A few days in), they had already acquired the needed materials for sticky pistons and buckets. " why sticky pistons? non sticky would've worked just as well. ok this one's a bit thin, just pointing out a flaw in the authors writing.

and this in my mind is the big one. there is no way all off this was dug up in 2 months time when the server was only up when everyone was available.
the fact that the OP made an account just to post that and only has 9 posts doesn't make it more believable.

i believed it too as i was reading it, its a good story, its an interesting idea. but its just that, a story.