Molecule Synth: Lego-inspired DIY-Synthesizer

 Vimeo Direktsynth, via Notcot

Der Molecule Synth: Tolles Spielzeug, das sich grade die Finanzierung auf Kickstarter gesichert hat. Ist quasi ein Lego-System für Synthesizer-Elemente.

I created the MOLECULE SYNTH because was inspired by experiences circuit bending toys and building my own electronic instruments, and I wanted to make something with sounds that were more wild and less predictable than what comes from traditional keyboards. I wanted an instrument that was more interesting than just pushing buttons, but I also wanted to get away from the “black box” pre-fab technologies that makes us all passive “consumers” using someone else’s designs — to paraphrase William Blake, you must Create a System or be enslaved to someone else’s. So I made the MOLECULE SYNTH to be an open ended, hardware-based, stand-alone musical instrument that is easy to hack & modify, that is DIY to the core, that totally rocks, sounds amazing, and is guaranteed super fun to play! […]

The MOLECULE SYNTH is a unique musical instrument. It is like a traditional keyboard synthesizer that has been broken into its elements: speaker/amp, sound generator, and pitch control. With the MOLECULE SYNTH SET you decide how to put those elements back together using simple, color-coded, interchangeable hexagons. The MOLECULE SYNTH combines LEGO-interchangeability with Synthesizers with Physical Electronics.


Molecule Synth:An Electronic Musical Instrument for Everyone