Playing Cards printed on used New York Metro-Tickets

Metro Deck

Metro-Deck verkaufen Poker-Sets, die sie auf benutzte Fahrkarten der New Yorker U-Bahn drucken. Schick!

Printed on found and repurposed New York City subway fare cards, Metro Deck attempts to visually capture the common thread between commuters, public transportation, and chance. Every card has been gathered at random, after having been purchased, used, and discarded by either a visitor or resident of New York City. Some have been signed or otherwise marked, making each card unique with its own narrative potential.

Appropriating the language of playing cards, the work asks us to consider our intimate connection with the subway and the city. The face cards are inspired by landmarks across the five Boroughs, referencing the tremendous reach of the subway system. Whether it’s a delay because of a sick passenger, train traffic ahead, or the ever-popular police activity, a “lucky hand” can make the difference between a brisk fifteen minute commute or a grueling, hour-long one.

Metro-Deck (via Coudal)