Giger Counter

HR Giger Counter

Jemand namens Steve D vom Mad Art Lab hat einen Tweet von Bad Astronomer Phil Blait in die Tat umgesetzt: Ein H.R.Giger Zähler. Und das Teil funktioniert natürlich. I love it when stuff like this happens!

Shortly after the movie Prometheus hit theaters, Phil posted this on Twitter: “If I ever go to an alien planet, I’m bringing a Giger counter. #ThingsILearnedFomSciFIMovies” …which, of course, made me think, “I need a Giger counter”. And what’s the first thing you do when you want to build something in the style of H. R. Giger? That’s right, go out for some ribs…

So I headed over to a local science shop I frequent. […] I wandered around for a bit, until the proprietor asked me what I was looking for. I told him I needed a 1/2 scale human skeleton. He paused briefly, walked over to a shelf, picked up an unmarked white box and handed it to me. It’s that kind of place. The rib cage and spine looked like they’d make a good base for my H. R. Giger stuff. (Note: H. R. Gigerstuff was by far the creepiest Sid & Marty Krofft show ever. And that’s saying something.)

I figured it’d be nice if the thing contained a Geiger counter, so I picked up this kit from Adafruit. Yes, it’s an actual Geiger counter. It goes “bip” and everything.

GIGER COUNTER (via Bad Astronomy)