Marijuana Smoke Stencils

Fernando de La Rocque hat für 'ne aktuelle Ausstellung Stencils aus Grasrauch gemacht. Das Ergebnis beeindruckt mich jetzt mal so überhaupt gar nicht, aber ich finde die Idee durchaus nett.

In a form of protest, Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque uses marijuana smoke to print images. For his smoke-printed series and exhibition entitled ‘Blow Job’, de la Rocque smokes cannabis, and blows the smoke onto stencils placed on paper—to ‘paint’ out drawings that are usually of religious or political figures, to spark controversy.

“More important than freedom to smoke marijuana is the freedom to think about it and make art with it,” the artist says about his work. “Polemic issues divide opinions, forcing people to think and debate. Inertia is useless when we want to overcome something.”

Artist ‘Paints’ With Marijuana Smoke