High Frequency Trading in Super Slow Audio

Fantastischer Podcast der BBC, die High Frequency Trading extrem verlangsamen und mit Usain Bolts 100m-Lauf vergleichen. Der Pistolenschuss beim Start des Rennens dauert in dieser Verlangsamung 4 Tage, Bolts Reaktionszeit einen Tag. Einzelne Trades im HFT-System dauert circa eine halbe Sekunde. Wie gesagt: This won't end well.

Last week Knight Capital lost a lot of money very quickly. It was the latest chapter in the story of something called ‘high frequency trading’. Investors have always valued being the first with the news. But high frequency trading is different: algorithms execute automatic trades, conducted by computers, at astonishing speeds. We ask: is the rapid growth of high frequency trading progress, or – as some think – a threat to the stability of the entire financial system?

How to lose money - fast! (MP3) (via Boing Boing)

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