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Alex Nasedkin hat auf Livejournal tausend Bilder aus einem Apple Museum in Moskau gepostet. Alle Rechner laufen noch, das älteste Stück ist der Apple II. Ich hab irgendwo beim Macintosh Quadra mit Apple Hardware angefangen, System 7.6 damals, irgendwann vor 16 Jahren. Jeez. Hier die Google-Übersetzung zur ausgestellten Hardware:

Macintosh SEA. The oldest one available at the museum - Apple II in 1977. Processor 1 MHz, 4K of RAM, OS, Apple DOS. That's modestly in these times. The system loaded with a cassette recorder. As you can imagine, this was even before the Apple I, however, it is a fossil, which is now the day the fire will not find. 2. Slightly improved version. 3. Olden Jobs always said that the computer should be beautiful and perfect both outside and inside. 4. 5. While images can be entered with a graphics tablet. 6. The next milestone was the emergence of Macintosh. 7. Subsequent modifications. 8. 9. Computer Lisa. At that point, Apple is actually divided into two camps - Lisa and Macintosh. This is Lisa in his time was worth about $ 10,000, and therefore never got popular. 10. Epplovskaya famous mouse.

11. Apple IIc - hospitality computer and monitor. Left the phone, acting as a modem. 12. 13. Drives. And at the bottom of the left joystick. 14. "The printer." 15. 16. 17. Macintosh in the left vertical monitor - especially for the publishing industry. Who else would think of this before? 18. 19. Server "Quadra." 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. And here is the first laptop. 25. Then they called the PowerBook. 26. Data for the 90 very steep. 27. 28. By the end of the millennium there were Aybuki - the quintessence of "apple" design. 29. 30. That's the first desktop IMac 1998. Available in several colors. Plague, and more! 31. Fashion for transparent. 32. With the advent of the era of zero-LCDs. 33. The word "Macintosh" was reduced to the current "Mac". 34. The famous "lamp", remember? 35. Distant precursors of iPhones and aypadov. 36. "Sea" netbook. 37. There was a time, Apple was trying to produce even tsifromylnitsy. 38. The museum also provides software different times. 39. As well as books on PC-Related topics. 40. And such fun bags.





Apple II

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