Close Celebrity-Encounters of the weird Kind

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Superunterhaltsamer und sehr lustiger Thread auf Reddit, in dem sich die Leute bizarre Begegnungen mit Promis erzählen: Marilyn Manson just explained to me, in the security line at LAX, that the profanities written on his face in grease pencil were directed at the paparazzi, not at me. Reddit, what bizarre celebrity encounters have you had?.

Macht die Stars sehr viel menschlicher, wenn Lou Diamond Phillips Gras kaufen will, Bill Murray Suizid-Witze reisst oder Marylin Manson mit einem ins Gesicht geschriebenen „Fuck“ durch Sicherheitskontrollen geht. Hier ein paar meiner Favorites:

- I just went through the LAX security line with Marilyn Manson. He had "FUCK" scrawled in large letters across the bottom half of his face, with what appeared to be a grease pencil. As we each removed our boots in the security line, he kindly explained that it was not directed at me or anyone else in the airport, but rather at the paparazzi, so that they couldn't sell any photos of him that they took.

- I saw Aphex Twin on a train to London. I walked up the isle and said "hey, you're Richard James (his name) right?" He replied "Yeah, you want a sweet?" and proceded to give me a steak and cheese flavoured hard candy... It actualy tasted like steak and cheese... WTF.

- Amy Winehouse knocked my pint out my hand in The Good Mixer pub in London, then sung an apology. That was... Unique!

- About 10 years ago (I was 12) I was walking through the big Toys R Us store in Times Square when I saw Bill Murray stroll passed me. No one else seemed to notice him. I gathered up the courage and said to him: "Mr. Murray, I'm a huge fan of yours and I'd kill myself later if I didn't at least walk up to you and shake your hand." He grabbed my hand, shook it and said "Well, you kids will all find some way to kill yourselves anyway, so I better shake your hand now." Still cracks me up.

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Poppys World 😶


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